How to Update Your Home Without Breaking the Bank

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The interior of our home, the look and feel of it is something we spend years putting our effort into to get it just right; tinkering with it when the mood strikes or when a major trend changes. It makes us happy having our home look it’s best just as we do. You might wonder how some people have the right touch, it’s an art almost how they manage to make simple things look luxurious, while others might struggle with just deciding where to place that table. However, with some simple tips you will be able to make updates to your house to make it look opulent without spending a fortune.

Begin With the Floor

Let your floor be the building point of your home update. New flooring ideas will work to help you better get a sense of the space, possible colour schemes, furniture placement. The floor ties everything in the room together.

Go Antiquing

It may sounds like it but we’re not just suggesting a fun activity to pass the time. Seeking out older furniture at estate sales or second-hand stores can turn up some real gems. Older furniture was well-made and sturdy and it looked gorgeously ornate, thus you have high chances of finding beautiful pieces in excellent condition.

Use Shiny and Reflective Elements

Shiny things like mirrors, chrome finishes and crystal make the room feel bright and fresh and speak luxury. Don’t go overboard though.

Re-think Everything

Sometimes, there’s nothing like a little rearrangement of existing things to make it look new. Consider every piece in the home and see if it could be placed differently, in a different light, in a different room even. You wouldn’t be spending anything and your house will look fresh.

Awaken Your Inner Artist

Room-defining art is essential thought any home, but since it can be an investment and takes a creative eye, most people overlook the appeal of art altogether. However, without it, a room will be incomplete. That doesn’t mean you go hang tired pieces like “love, laugh” to get it done with. Frame your pictures, the excellent prints you’ve been sitting on. Use them and your home art will as per your own taste.

With Curtains, Go Long​

Repositioning your window treatments can create a huge change in the look and feel of any room. By opting for floor-to-ceiling window treatments, you’ll make a room appear much larger and grander than it is since the ceilings will feel higher. You can even fake a wall of windows by completely covering it with elegant drapes if there’s not much window space in a specific room.

Make a Layered Lighting Scheme

Light, it’s amount and it’s positioning is vital to the look of any room. Along with the standard overhead lighting, add a variety of lights installed at different heights to create a layered lighting scheme, such as floor lamps, sconces and table lamps. This helps create a cozy environment and sets the mood of a room as inviting and rich.

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