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Here are the best cities to stay for University students in Canada

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With around 100 universities and more than 1.8 million students enrolled in higher education programs, Canada is most definitely a global education hub. With about 500,000 international students attending University courses in different cities in Canada, the country’s education system offers a wide range of courses in science, technology, farming, fashion, art, business and media.

An educational environment like this is always in high demand for affordable accommodation, as both domestic and international students migrate to different Canadian cities for getting the best educational opportunities. This article explores the most affordable cities in Canada for University students.

Cost of living

Affordability of a location depends on the cost of living borne by the residents. From a student resident perspective, key contributors in the cost of living are rent of accommodation, tuition fees and lifestyle expenses such as cost of intra city transit, food, entertainment, etc. Amongst all these contributors, monthly rent and tuition are the largest factors that impact the affordability of a city.

Here are the top 3 most affordable cities in Canada for university students, on the basis of aforementioned factors –

  1. Montreal: With the total cost of living ranging between $ 1150 for domestic students and $2780 for international students, Montreal is the most affordable and student friendly city in Canada. The island boasts of 12 junior colleges and 6 universities, enjoying a young and vibrant demography. Not only does the city offer the lowest average rent for a bachelor unit (at $640 per month), but also is pocket friendly in terms of other cost factors such as intra city transit (averaging at $85) and dining out (averaging at $120) per month.
  2. Edmonton: The cost of living per month ranges between $1585 and $2120 for domestic and international students respectively. This makes Edmonton the second most affordable city in Canada for university students. The city has a relaxed real estate vacancy rate of 5.3%, giving a lot of options to renters and affordable bachelor units available at just $865. Monthly transit pass is available at under $100 and dining out cost per month for students averages around $135. With higher education centers like the University of Alberta, the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology and the MacEwan University present in Edmonton; it is certainly amongst the best cities to stay for university students.
  3. Calgary: In terms of cost of living, Calgary is almost comparable to Edmonton, with total cost per month ranging between $1620 and $2160 for domestic and international students, respectively. Average bachelor rents in the area are around $880, with a vacancy rate of 3.9% making it relatively easy for student residents to find suitable accommodation options. Monthly transit costs about $105 (with public facilities) and dining out can be managed under $140 per month.

Cities like Ottawa, Vancouver and Toronto, though have a high density of higher education institutions and attract students from all over Canada and the world; are amongst the less affordable cities for university students.

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