7 Must-Do Things to Prepare Your Home for Selling

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Preparing a house for a visit by friends or family requires so much work that one gets daunted at the idea of preparing the house for viewing by strangers for selling. However, these 7 simple things will make this task seem not only doable but positively easy, while adding so much value to your house that selling it would be a cakewalk.

Deep Clean and Regular Maintenance

The easiest and foremost thing to do is thoroughly clean your house- every nook and cranny. While doing this, make a list of the repairs that you come-across that need to be done on the house. Make those repairs and again give the house a good cleaning. A clean house is attractive and pleasant to view and is more likely to put the buyers in the mood to make an offer.

Get Rid of Clutter

As years go by, houses tend to get filled-up with stuff, much of which is unused and even unwanted. A house like this seems smaller inside and can seem suffocating to an outsider. Get rid of clutter via donations, yard-sales or selling things online. Keep the house furnished simply so visitors can get a good idea of the inner proportions and can imagine filling that space with their own stuff.

Paint It

As we put our best face forward when we go out, so is the house required to do so as it gets ready for viewing. Repaint those chipped walls, the tired looking fences or maybe consider changing the colour scheme according to the latest style in market-usually neutral shades. This requires some investment but will add value to house manifold in monetary terms.

Redo Your Kitchen

This rule is so basic that people not in the real estate market also know- an updated kitchen could mean thousands of dollars more for the seller. Depending on how old the house is, updating could mean just some light work on the cupboards or adding all new appliances which are energy-efficient and suit the modern needs. The kitchen should be efficient as well as cozy where the family can gather and eat together. Kitchen are the new family rooms.

Floor Them with Flooring

Shiny, clean, fresh floors make walking into the house a delight. Deep clean the rugs and consider replacing if they’re too old or worn-out. Make sure there’s no grime in the tile crevices and replace any broken ones. Hardwood floors should shine like mirrors, so spend some time sanding and polishing them. Even though they’re under the feet, floors get notices and affect people’s feeling about the property.

Have You Got ‘Curb Appeal’

This term is vast and can include things like neatly painted doors, external lighting, well-maintained lawns, pots etc. All of this will determine how your house fares on the first impression test for the visitor. The first ten seconds of viewing a house are crucial sometimes to its sale. Therefore, ensure your house looks impressive as people walk up to it from the street.

Show Your Garden Some Love

Keep some focus free for the outside as well. Mow and weed your lawn, prune the plants and trees that require doing so. Plant some flowers or ornamental plants or get potted ones to fill external spaces to look well-used and pretty. This makes your house look beautiful. If gardening’s not your things, hire someone to do it for you but never ignore this important factor that greatly influences your house’s value.

Most of these things can be done on a regular basis, so that even if you’re selling your house now, it will make it much easier and less stressful to do so if you ever do want to sell. And you will love your own property more for these simple tasks. These low-on-the-effort and high-output tasks can add surprising value to houses.

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