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Here are the 5 most expensive condos in Mississauga

Posted admin on 19 February, 2019 0

Mississauga’s Prime Property: the most expensive condos in the market!

Over the past year, the Greater Toronto Area has experienced a slowdown in the property market, due to a host of economic conditions. But despite such slowing conditions, the condo market in Mississauga has experienced a year on year growth of over 8% in the past year. Condo sales contributed to 31% of the total home sales in Mississauga over the past month and with a sales-to-new-listings ratio of over 70%, the market is clearly shaping up to be a sellers one.
Here’s a list of top 5 most expensive condo buildings in Mississauga on the basis of estimated per sq. ft. sold prices n 2018 –
Areas adjoining Hurontario street, Dundas street, Mavis Road and Mississauga road are presently commanding the best condo prices in the market. With per sq. ft. price of more than $600, these areas offer the most expensive condos in GTA.

  1.  North Shore: Top of the charts for prime property in GTA is North Shore, located at Hurontario street, with per sq. ft. sale price of $670. Although the prices have experienced a growth of 7% only over the last year, which is less than the market average, North shore still is the most expensive condo building in the market.
  2. Limelight: Located at Prince of Wales Dr, Limelight is the second most expensive condo building in GTA. Currently sold at a price of $629 per sq. ft., Limelight is the most aggressively growing condo building. In the past year, Limelight prices have experienced a positive change of about 20%.
  3. Park 570: Considered as one of the most intriguing properties at Lolita Gdns, Park 570 is the third most expensive condo building in GTA. With current sale price of $608 per sq. ft. and a positive change of 10% in prices over last year, this is clearly a prime property for investment in GTA.
  4. Downtown Erin Mills: With a per sq. ft. sale price of $603, Downtown Erin mills is the fourth most expensive condo building in GTA. Located in Glen Erin Dr, this building has experienced a price hike of over 16% in the past year, driving up the overall locality prices as well.
  5. Pinnacle Grand Park: Last but not the least, with a per sq. ft. sale price just below $600, Pinnacle Grand Park is the most expensive condo building in Grand Park Dr. Per sq. ft. sale price of condos in Pinnacle touched $594 in 2018 and has grown by 17% over the previous year.

Furthermore, buildings like Miracle and Papilion Place III at Glen Erin Dr, Stonebrook at Southdown Rd, One Park Tower at Prince of Wales and The Park Residences at Parkside Village are also expensive condo buildings in GTA, which have made Mississauga real estate market an exciting space for potential owners and investors. At Toronto Condo Only, we are passionate about new land developments and since 2007, we have helped clients get the best deals and the properties. Monty Malhi has and continues to build formidable relationships with reputable developers and major industry players to give clients first access to the most desirable and sought after projects in and around the GTA. First access to securing units at most projects can amount to considerable price savings of over $20,000 – $50,000. Clients trust our industry knowledge of the real estate investment market throughout Greater Toronto, which is the foundation of our success to buy low and sell high. With our broad vision and innate ability to understand real estate properties, including pre-construction low-rise and high-rise condos, resale homes and commercial properties, we have achieved continued success for our clients and ourselves.